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Bonus chart: Here’s the top 50 residential agents

This month, The Real Deal ranked the top 50 residential brokers in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Check out the chart below:

RANKAGENT/TEAMFIRMTOTAL $ VOLUME OF CLOSED SALESTOTAL $ VOLUME OF CLOSED RESALESTOTAL $ VOLUME OF CLOSED NEW DEV SALES 1Eklund|Gomes TeamDouglas Elliman$721.1M$269.1M$452M 2Serhant TeamNest Seekers International$480.5M$194.1M$286.3M 3Shemesh TeamDouglas Elliman$204.2M$37.2M$166.9M 4Lauren Muss TeamDouglas Elliman$202.8M$97.3M$105.5M 5De Niro TeamDouglas Elliman$197.9M$134.9M$63M 6Holly Parker TeamDouglas Elliman$191.8M$109.3M$82.5M 7Leonard Steinberg TeamCompass$187M$106.7M$80.2M 8Field TeamSotheby's International Realty$186M$78.4M$107.6M 9Noble Black TeamDouglas Elliman$176M$110.1M$65.9M 10Carrie Chiang/Janet Wang TeamCorcoran$174.7M$121.9M$52.7M 11The Emily Beare TeamCORE$171.9M$48.6M$123.3M 12Deborah RiedersCorcoran$167.8M$57.8M$110M 13John BurgerBrown Harris Stevens$152.6M$152.6M0 14Rubin TeamDouglas Elliman$150.5M$133.7M$16.8M 15Madeline Hult ElghanayanDouglas Elliman$141.3M$40.9M$100.5M 16Deborah Grubman TeamCorcoran$135.6M$135.6M0 17Alexander TeamDouglas Elliman$131.2M$83M$48.3M 18Alexa LambertStribling & Associates$129.3M$62.5M$66.8M 19Dennis MangoneDouglas Elliman$129M$11.4M$117.6M 20Tirosh & TeamDouglas Elliman$124.4M$6.9M$117.5M 21 (tie)Roger Erickson TeamDouglas Elliman$123.4M$63.3M$60.1M 21 (tie)Anderson-Ehrmann TeamDouglas Elliman$123.4M$79.8M$42.6M 23Sabrina Saltiel TeamDouglas Elliman$122.5M$77.2M$45.4M 24Serena BoardmanSotheby's International Realty$119.9M$119.9M0 25Adam ModlinModlin Group$119.1M$59.2M$59.9M 26Kyle BlackmonCompass$118.8M$37.6M$81.2M 27Lindsay Barton Barrett*Douglas Elliman$114.4M$66.4M$48M 28Rundhaug Neuhauser TeamDouglas Elliman$113.1M$7.9M$105.1M 29Richard Steinberg TeamDouglas Elliman$108.9M$39.7M$69.2M 30Aguayo TeamHalstead$107.3M$24.8M$82.4M 31Robby Browne TeamCorcoran$104.9M$104.9M0 32Deanna Kory TeamCorcoran$103.4M$103.4M0 33Jennifer KalishDouglas Elliman$100.9M$19.3M$81.6M 34Tom Postilio & Mickey ConlonDouglas Elliman$94.7M$92.5M$2.2M 35Jeffrey StockwellStribling & Associates$94.4M877000$93.5M 36 (tie)Charlie Attias TeamCorcoran$91M$91M0 37 (tie)Susanna LendrumCorcoran$91M0$91M 38Sukenik-Glazer TeamDouglas Elliman$88.9M$39.9M$49M 39Lisa LippmanBrown Harris Stevens$88.8M$85.1M$3.8M 40Brian K. LewisCompass$85.3M$43.3M$42M 41Daniela Kunen TeamDouglas Elliman$84.9M$84.9M0 42Louise Phillips ForbesHalstead$84.6M$84.6M0 43Maroni TeamDouglas Elliman$83M$17.2M $65.8M 44Gavin Doyle TeamCompass$82.3M$82.3M0 45Hudson Advisory TeamCompass$78M$71.5M$6.5M 46Kathy Murray TeamDouglas Elliman$77.1M$49.6M$27.6M 47Azoulay Miles TeamDouglas Elliman$76.3M$76.3M0 48Katzen TeamDouglas Elliman$76.2M$55.3M$20.9M 49Stanton Hoch TeamDouglas Elliman$75.6M$75.6M0 50 (tie)Cathy Franklin TeamCorcoran$73.9M $66.4M $7.5M 50 (tie)Pamela D'ArcStribling & Associates$73.9M $30.8M $43.1M

Source: TRD analysis of closed sales on LavaMaps, StreetEasy and from firms. Includes Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn residential sales (apartments and townhouses with no commercial/retail component) that were closed in 2018. Only sell-side deals counted. Townhouses include single-family houses or properties marketed as such. For deals with more than one listing agent/team at the same firm, the dollar value of the deal was divided by the number of agents/teams on that deal at that firm. But if a listing is co-listed with an agent/team at another firm, each agent/team was given the full dollar value of the sale. On-site agents who work exclusively for a developer were not counted. However, agents who work for brokerages were given credit for their new development sales. Off-market deals were not counted. Not all firms participated..tablepress td{font-size:19px !important;}

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