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NYC Waterfront Development | Robert Khodadadian


NYC – There are several plans in place to boost the economy in the area around the city’s Metro-North stations including new waterfront development. The population in the neighborhood has been steadily increasing and the Department of City Planning is looking for new ways to bring even more people to the area. The department conducted a study that looked at all aspects of the current neighborhood and analyzed which areas weren’t being used and how existing areas could have more value added to them. One of the main conclusions was that waterfront properties needed to be increased and expanded upon.

One of the specific goals mentioned by the report was to redevelop the waterfront area near the stations so people could access the Harlem River easier. There are also several existing areas like parks and playgrounds that are hard to reach. Even though the neighborhood has a high population, these areas are typically deserted because no one can get to them. They are either blocked off by highways or other obstacles, so more waterfront access is ideal for the entire community.

Another feature that is already being planned is a pathway between Randall’s Island and South Bronx. This would be accessible by foot and by bike. In addition to greater access to parks and other recreational areas, the department hopes that businesses could see more success along the waterfront. While planning is in the early stages, the department hopes to transform the neighborhood in order to accommodate the people continually moving and being born in the region.

While it may be years until waterfront development gets well under way, for anyone interested in development projects around the Metro-North stations, there has never been a better time to get involved.

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